Nina Bang Jensen

Ms. Bang Jensen is a Senior Peace Fellow at the Public International Law & Policy Group. Previously, she served as Executive Director of the Coalition for International Justice, an international non-governmental organization which provided support to international war crimes tribunals and war crimes investigations arising out of the armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, East Timor, Cambodia and Sudan (Darfur). Ms. Bang-Jensen served as Legislative Assistant/ Counsel to Senator Joseph Lieberman (1991-96), Chief Counsel to a Senate Subcommittee and Senator Daniel P. Moynihan’s staff. In 1989-1990, she was the Deputy Director for the President’s Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism, which investigated the bombing of Pan Am 103. A graduate of Princeton University and its Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Georgetown Law Center, she worked as an attorney for the Washington office of Roger & Wells, specializing in civil litigation and First Amendment law.