“A Heart and Head Turned East and West”: Dr. Dino Abazović on Islam in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Emerging Democracies Institute is pleased to present Dr. Dino Abazović’s analysis of the Islamic experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). In his thought-provoking text, Dr. Abazović suggests that the relationship between secularism and religious practice is more complex than many simplistic, binary narratives purport.

Using the Islamic community in BiH as his case study, Abazović argues that secular and religious values can and should work in tandem to confront extremist tendencies in transitional societies. Tendencies, that in any case, are the product of historical and social circumstances rather than the “innate” values of particular religious systems. In this respect, the secular-religious dynamic in BiH may in fact serve as a model for other transitional societies. The full text of the report is available here. Dr. Abazović’s presentation of his report from his visit to Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago is also now available.