EVENT: Experience From Other Post-Conflict Societies: Bosnia, Lebanon, Cyprus

Istanbul workshopOn Wednesday, July 3, 2013, the Emerging Democracies Institute organized a panel discussion in Istanbul titled: Experience from post-conflict societies: Bosnia, Lebanon and Cyprus. for the participants of the Syria Facilitated Dialogue Workshop organized by the Tharwa Foundation and the Istanbul Policy Center. Fifteen Syrian activists representing most Syrian constituent groups and a wide range of professions met to identify challenges that will be encountered in the short, midrange, and long term as Syria transitions through peacemaking and toward democracy. As part of their discussions the group developed a series of next steps that the participants can implement in the short term and also explored ways to continue communication and relationship building begun during the workshop. Panelist from Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus, Dr. Ahmet Sozen Eastern Mediterranean University, shared the Cypriot experience of overcoming obstacles to cooperation and dealing with the reality of a de facto divided society. Leader of the “March 1st” civic coalition from Bosnia, Dr. Emir Suljagic, shared the Bosnian experience of dealing with the post-genocide social destruction and how crimes against civilian population impacted the post-war reconciliation process in Bosnia.